Getting started

How can I join Xpool?

To join X-pool, you just only need to deposit your asset and amount. After completed depositing, you will acquire passive income which is dependent on the market. Furthermore, keeping assets on our system permits you to borrow loans on Xpool which your assets could be consider as a collateral.

Where are my deposited funds stored?

Your assets are apportioned in a smart contract. The code of the contract is public, open source, officially checked and evaluated by third party auditors. You can pull out your assets from the pool on-request or export a tokenised (XPO) form of your moneylender position. XPO can be moved and exchanged as some other cryptographic resource on BEP-20.

Is there any risks when I use this service?

No platform can be considered completely hazard free. The risks in X-pool might be related to the smart contract (a bug in the protocol code) and liquidation risk (risk on the security liquidation process). Every possible step has been taken to limit the danger however much as could reasonably be expected - the protocol code is public and open source and it has been evaluated.
You can discover for more details in the Disclaimer section of our whitepaper: