How to repay my loan?

Step 1: To repay your asset, you need to go to the [Borrow] section in the dashboard and snap on [Repay].
Step 2: Please input the amount of borrow asset you want to repay, then click [Continue].
Step 3: The system will show you the statistics about the transaction, please check it carefully and make sure that it is correct, then click [Approve] to confirm your transaction.
Step 4: Click [Repay] to finish your repay process.
Step 5: You have repaid your loan successfully. You can check your transaction hash at BscScan.

What asset do I need to pay back?

You reimburse your loan in a similar asset you borrowed. For instance, if you borrow 1 BNB you will pay back 1 BNB + interest accrued.

When do I need to repay the loan?

There is no fixed time period to pay back the loan. As long as your position is safe, you can borrow for an undefined period. In any case, over the long haul, the accumulated interest will develop making your health factor decrease, which might result in your deposited assets becoming more likely to be liquidated.